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miércoles, 17 de julio de 2019

Lace homecoming dresses !!!

Be prepared for the trend you’re going to see everywhere: lace! From lace prom dresses to lace homecoming dresses, it fits perfectly into the spring vibe and upcoming seasons. Lucky for you, you can find these an array of styles, colors, and sizes. Before you choose your gown, make sure to look at these lace prom dresses for inspiration!
If you love the lace homecoming dresses  trend, then you’ll love  Both captivating and timeless, this taffeta dress features a lace bodice and a mermaid skirt. With the addition of simple jewelry, you’ll be sure to look stunning at prom!
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jueves, 11 de julio de 2019

Las mejores aplicaciones de Moda!!!!

Las mejores aplicaciones de Moda!!

Buenos dias!!

QUE tal os va en este dia tan maravilloso ? Estais a punto de vestiros y salir a la calle ? Ahora empieza lo dificil ,aver que nos ponemos ,abrimos el armario y empezamos a buscar ,aveces no nos gusta nada, verdad?? Por eso las
 nuevas tecnologías han revolucionado el mundo de la moda, seguro que ahora con tantas aplicaciones para ir de moda podeis rezolver este problema ahora puedes tener   Apps de moda en tu móbil,  pero esto no es nada nuevo. Sin embargo, es muy probable, que más allá de Instagram, te quede un nuevo mundo repleto de posibilidades por descubrir… Te presentamos las mejores aplicaciones para ir a la moda.

ALGUNAS  de las aplicaciones para ir a la moda más versátiles. Puedes comprar ropa online al mismo tiempo que sigues los looks de famosos y publicas tus propios outfits. Seleccionar varias prendas hasta conformar tu outfit y luego comprarlas. 

Las mejores aplicaciones de Moda

jueves, 4 de julio de 2019

100% human hair wigs online !!!!

Buenas tardes!!

How beautiful, how are you today? Surely with a lot of heat !!! Well today I bring you an entry on 100% human hair wigs online, this entry is simply show you how beautiful can be a wig that seems so real, if you want to simply change color because a wig is a good choice and today I leave aformation how can you see if they are of such quality?

As women, we can relate to having been burnt once or twice after investing in what we thought was a human hair wig. The amount invested in such a purchase makes the ordeal even more daunting and severe. With so many counterfeits of human hair wigs in the market today, it’s easy to give up altogether.
However, there are ways that can help in distinguishing the 100% human hair wigs online  from the fake. One of the tips that are so often recommended by renowned stylists and experts is by feeling the texture of the hair. Yet, just this tip alone is not enough, as human hair wig counterfeits are getting more sophisticated over time.
Hence, in this article, we shall be looking at the best methods that aid in distinguishing real human hair wigs from the fake:

→ Be sure to do your research first. Click on well- known and trusted sites that offer reviews of the certain product you’d like to purchase. Reviews of people giving their honest and personal experience with a product are also recommended. 
If the certain human hair wig in question comes highly recommended, then there are chances that it is the real deal.
After carrying out your research, it is time to put the recommended hair to the test. The best way to start is by checking the texture of the hair, prior to you purchasing it. Human hair, since it’s real, has the same texture that natural hair does.
The porosity of your hair will determine the texture of your hair. By smoothing your hand up and down a strand of your own hair, you’ll notice a difference in texture and smoothness. The hair should feel course when smoothing your fingers upwards over a strand. It should, however, feel smooth when rubbing your fingers downwards.
The same is true when it comes to human hair wigs. Human hair should feel and behave the same way when rubbing your fingers over a strand of hair. Fake or synthetic hair is smooth both ways.
Synthetic hair has colour built into its pigments. This is how synthetic hair acquires its varying options of hair colour. Moreover, synthetic hair wigs, once bought, never change colour once exposed to sunlight.
Real hair, as we all know, changes colour once exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time. The sun emitted powerful UV rays, which often tend to naturally bleach our hair. This is why blonde hair tends to get lighter in colour after being exposed to sunlight.
Essentially, when purchasing authentic human hair wigs, always stick to natural colours.
Real hair always curls up or gets wavy when it’s wet. So, why not put it to the test? Try spraying some water onto your wig and see how it reacts.
If it curls up as expected, you purchased an authentic human hair wig. If it doesn’t, then you purchased a synthetic wig.
If you prefer your 100% human hair wigs online straight, don’t worry. You can easily hot iron it to get rid of the curls and waves. Synthetic hair will burn and smell really bad if you try to apply any form of heat to it.

Peruvian Hair Light Pink Color Straight Lace Front Bob Wig

lunes, 1 de julio de 2019

My favorite clothes Girlmerry!!!

Buenas tardes!!

Today I show you my favorite clothes Girlmerry I know they took last year too but I like them so much!!!They are so pretty, right ??? this
wholesale dressescheap sexy dresses are amazing!!  
buenas tardes!!
Hoy os enseño mis prendas favoritas Girlmerry ya se que se llevaban el año pasado tambien pero que me gustan tanto !!!

Azi va arat hainele mele preferate Girlmerry   Știu că s- au luat și anul trecut, dar îmi plac atât de mult !!!

viernes, 28 de junio de 2019

Lace evening dresses!!!

Lace  evening dresses  Yesbabyonline  are always an elegant choice for any formal event. For prom 2019, lace designs have been revamped with a fresh, on-trend twist for prom-goers. This includes yellow  carpet inspired silhouettes such as the beautiful mermaid style, and many more jaw-dropping features such as back cut-outs, plunging necklines and leg slits.
Lace adds texture with a soft, delicate finishing touch. You’ll find designs with lace overlay from head-to-toe, or with one lace feature such as a lace bodice. We’re looking at some of the most beautiful lace gowns that are suitable for prom night 2019.
This includes pieces with on-trend colors such as vibrant deep blue, nude, silver and romantic yellow . Choosing a fashion-forward color that suits your skin tone is essential when selecting your final prom dress, so make sure you try on your favorites and see which shade flatters you the most.